Ale_007y.jpg Ale_007.jpg

Corazon or Serpiente Round Necklace

from 80.00
Ale_034by.jpg Ale_034b.jpg

Corazon or Serpiente Small Necklace

from 70.00
Ale_010y.jpg Ale_010.jpg

Corazon or Serpiente Large Necklace

from 100.00
Ale_004b.jpg Ale_004sb.jpg

Corazon or Serpiente Statement Collar

from 250.00
Inlay Leather Small Pendant Ale_07y.jpg

Inlay Leather Small Pendant

from 70.00
Inlay Leather Large Pendant Ale_08y.jpg

Inlay Leather Large Pendant

from 80.00
Inlay Leather Bolo Ale_09by.jpg

Inlay Leather Bolo

from 70.00
Papel Picado Collar pp9y.jpg

Papel Picado Collar

from 230.00
Papel Picado Large Choker 20170108_AleBremer_Jewelry_DANIELA1808_v2.jpg

Papel Picado Large Choker

Papel Picado Large Necklace necklacelgy.jpg

Papel Picado Large Necklace

from 100.00
Papel Picado Small Necklace pp10y.jpg

Papel Picado Small Necklace

from 80.00
Woven Trails option15.jpg

Woven Trails

from 230.00
Muddy Star options bolo.jpg

Muddy Star

from 130.00
Lone Howl option11.jpg

Lone Howl

from 220.00
Puntas de Plata option16.jpg

Puntas de Plata

from 230.00
Saddle Land option18.jpg

Saddle Land

from 510.00
Condesa necklace5y.jpg


from 354.00
Arandas necklace4y.jpg


from 110.00
Sian Kaan Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 1.32.57 AM.png

Sian Kaan

from 80.00
Avenida A necklace2y.jpg

Avenida A

from 110.00
Avalos necklace6y.jpg


from 90.00
Juchitan necklace1y.jpg


from 140.00
Tres Barrios necklace3y.jpg

Tres Barrios

from 90.00
Colonial dos culturas_1.jpg


from 240.00
Santa Eulalia santa eulalia_2.jpg

Santa Eulalia

from 260.00
Rays and Stone inspiration_9.jpg

Rays and Stone

from 180.00
Talavera talavera_2.jpg


from 110.00
Knot knot_2.jpg


from 100.00
Suerte o Muerte suerte o muerte_2.jpg

Suerte o Muerte

from 100.00
Calaverita Necklace skull necklace-b2.jpg

Calaverita Necklace

from 100.00
Calaverita Necklace options.jpg

Calaverita Necklace

Salted Popcorn Necklace

Salted Popcorn Necklace

Plain Popcorn Necklace

Plain Popcorn Necklace

Caramel Popcorn Necklace

Caramel Popcorn Necklace