Portrait Pendant

Portrait Pendant

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Portraits are handmade, they are NOT an exact replica of the person/dog/object.
They’ll have their own handmade characteristics and will be simplified, but we’ll try to make it as closer to the image provided.

We could make a match up of different photos into a single piece, e.g. use the upper body of an image, the face of another, the hair of another, etc.

It’s easier if they have distinct characteristics, e.g. hairdo, jewelry, clothing, a style of glasses, etc. If you want us to pay special attention to certain characteristics (loopy ears, big nose, etc ) let us know!

Size is around 1” diameter, it comes without chain. Jump rings in the back for you to add your own chain or add as a charm to your own necklace.

We’ll work on a model and send you photos for approval (1-2 weeks after ordered), we might do SMALL changes before final piece, but understand that we can’t completely start a new piece or change huge details.

We’ll make a mold of your portrait in case you want to reorder, price will be lower if placing another order.

Custom portraits take approximately 3-4 weeks to be completed, remember every one is custom made for you and it’s an artistic process that takes time, effort and love!

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