Custom Resist Fist Small Necklace

Custom Resist Fist Small Necklace


Custom Resist Fist Small Necklace in 10k
With 14k Chain

15" - 16" adjustable chain. Pendant .5"

Please allow 3 weeks for custom pieces to be shipped.
Every piece is handmade just for you in our Brooklyn studio.

Personal devotion is rooted in Mexican religious and cultural syncretism. Beyond religious symbolism, this collection recuperates the significance of personal objects of devotement as an intimate reliquary. The featured pieces embody personal memories, struggles, identities, spiritual and consciousness awakenings, beliefs, and desires. In Personal Devotion, jewelry acts as an archive of feelings in which each piece records a personal symbolism and/or a visual metaphor our lived subjectivity. This line of personalized jewelry captures the allegorical value of the individual’s journey and provides an interpretation of a profound inner meaning of life.

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