We are always looking for creatives to collaborate with, open to all media. Send us an email to with your collaboration idea.

Some guidelines to follow:

*Our brand is inspired in Mexico and the Southwestern desert.
We are not kitchy Mexico, we are looking to portray a more minimal neutral place, old weathered walls, altars merging as still lives, and its unnoticed everyday objects, all of these while keeping it simple.

Warm tones. Keep colors neutral, off whites, beiges, pastels.
No bright colors such as bright reds, fuchsia, black, orange...


If in doubt, try to use white, off white, beige, pastel backdrops or walls.

No flowers, plants or greens (we are from the southwest), but do not include rocks or cactai. No sea landscapes.

Try to work with a light setup, no dark shadows overpowering the whole image or dark backgrounds.

Jewelry is small, we love photos from far away to complement the mood, but try to keep images close enough to be able to see the pieces.

*Photo quality:
Your photos don’t have to be super high quality, iphone photos will work! Just make sure images are not blurry or pixelated.

You can always visit our instagram account to get a feel of the brand. And feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

*Once we agree in doing a collaboration we can talk about trade.
*Please try to keep the lead time to no more than 1 month after agreement (unless previously discussed).
*Please credit Ale Bremer Jewelry when posting or sharing images, we’ll do the same!

I’m sure we can collaborate to create something inspiring and beautiful!