Metals tarnish by nature, and many factors such as the place you live in like weather and humidity, your PH and how you handle and store your jewelry depend on how fast and how your pieces will tarnish

*After use, wipe any oils with a soft cloth and keep in a dry space and in a sealed bag to store (like a ziploc) and you may put a silica bag inside (like the one that comes in your new shoes and bags) to keep moisture away.

*Try not to shower, swim, sleep or exercise with your jewelry. Avoid banging your piece on hard surfaces.

*Avoid lotions, sunscreen, oils and spraying perfume and hairspray on or near the piece.

*You can use a treated polishing cloth for a high polish.

*You can also send your piece to us and we'll clean it free of charge (shipping costs will run on you) or take to a jeweler in your area.

*Treat your engagement ring with exceptional care! Remember is an investment
You might want to think about insurance like


*If your piece has pearls, opals, amber, shell, turquoise, rubies or emeralds or are unsure of your gemstones, it is important that you do not handle any chemicals like bleach, soaps, perfumes, pools, even lemon.

*Do not expose them to extreme heat and sunlight for long periods of time, this could damage and discolor the stones, most stones in the market are treated and it can discolor them or break them.

*Clean with a soft makeup brush and warm water with mild soap.

*Do not keep pearls and opals in dry spaces and sealed for too long, they need moisture form the air to keep their brilliance and luster.   



Solid Sterling Silver

Might tarnish over time. Hypoallergenic.
Affordable precious metal. Metal might scratch and burnish over time with daily use.
Necklaces come with solid sterling silver chain.

Brush lime + baking soda, rinse and pat dry.



White gold rings are treated with a Rhodium bath. White gold is an alloy of yellow gold and other metals to give it the white color, so in essence the gold still has a yellowish tone to it so this is needed in order to make it whiter and shinier.
That said, Rhodium will wear over time, you can send it to us (you cover shipping expenses) and we'll treat it again free of charge or you can take it to any jeweler in your area.



Solid Brass

Will tarnish over time.
Affordable gold color jewelry, might stain skin depending on your PH. It might not be the best fit for everyday use unless you take good care of it or don’t mind color change or cleaning.

Brush lime + baking soda, rinse and pat dry.



We strongly recommend not to wet any pieces that have leather. Soap and water will stain color leather and change its color, black leather will not change color but will show signs of wear.
Leather its an organic and delicate material that will change its appearance over time.

Gold Micron Plating

Layers of 14k gold over brass

Will last for years if properly cared.
Micro-layers of 14k gold bonded on to brass, our jewelry is 2 microns, not to be confused with regular gold plating or flash plating which is .5 or .3 microns (usually a really thin layer). Our micron gold its a thick layer and will last longer.
Necklaces come with 14k gold filled chain.

If needed brush hydrogen peroxide + baking soda, rinse and pat dry.

Solid Gold

Solid 10k or 14k

Will not tarnish and will keep its color over time (depending on your PH).
Best choice if you plan on leaving your jewelry on while showering, sleeping, exercising.
10k Gold Necklaces come with 14k gold chain.

If needed brush hydrogen peroxide + baking soda, rinse and pat dry.