Tough Grit

I came from the desert: A place with dark, open night skies that upon looking, give sight to infinite shinning stars.
It is a place where the weathered wear & tear of embossed leather saddles are tangible reminders of the dust and wind in your face and the recalled sensation of burning skin. 
In the desert, accessorizing means decade old, hand forged, muddy silver spurs, hanging spin-less as they await the morning ride.
It means embroidered lines and pearl snap buttons, upon sun drenched crisp white patterned floral shirts, already thin as air from wear.
In a barren landscape, it is sharp, raw simplicity that takes the spotlight.
Tough Grit is inspired by the desert, its spirit and crudeness. Where silver contrasts the artisanal hand cut Mexican Turquoise and Agate from the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts and the Amber from Chiapas and Obsidian stand as solid reminders of traditions not lost in time.