This collection has been inspired by Mexico, a country that is infused by a myriad of amazing cultures. Engulfed by the sophisticated influence of the Amerindians, Arabs, Europeans and Asians, the shapes and designs feel familiar. The intricate designs where patterns collide form a unique definition of what Mexico is and what this collection represents.
The embroidery used in this collection is made by a group of indigenous artisan women from the south of Mexico that work to preserve traditions and forms of expression, this collective is known as “Sihua Tlanzoncame Tlaiquitinime”, meaning women embroiderers and weavers.
Leather on it’s own speaks about the Northern Mexican cattle business and Mexican cowboys that thrived in the desert who developed a tradition of leather boots and accessories. The remains of the making of ostrich boots from a small workshop in the north of Mexico has been repurposed and given a new life in this collection.

Special thanks to the organization "La Red Niu Matat Napawika" for the help it gives to the group of embroiders and weavers in keeping their traditions alive.